Nate Bauer

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Perficient Digital

About Nate

Nate leads strategic planning, roadmapping, and execution for the Digital Marketing Strategy team at Perficient Digital. His focus is on acting as the initiator for client interaction with the digital marketing practice, the instigator for helping clients develop business and marketing goals that fulfill targeted KPIs, and the implementer of coordinated, cross-channel delivery and measurement.

His team believes in, and works to achieve, iterative, data-driven change and growth. By understanding shareholder inputs, prioritizing business goals most impactful to the bottom line, and creating directly connected marketing goals and tactical initiatives, each iterative, data-driven improvement enables growth and agility.

The goal is to not spend a single dollar in marketing unless it directly impacts or fulfills KPIs and goals.

The key to the success of his practice at Perfcient Digital is understanding how to work with clients to achieve immediate and sustained success in as agile and iterative a process as possible.

My Sessions

Why Digital Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Exist (in Most Organizations)

Perficient Digital Room

Description: You likely have some well-conceived business goals and have assembled a great team to market to your clients on a daily basis. But what mechanisms have you created to translate those business goals into marketing goals and a related strategy? And with that, how are campaigns and tactical initiatives being formed from marketing strategy […]

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