Laurie Almodovar

Website Manager & Communications Specialist at Southwestern Illinois College

About Laurie

Laurie leads the digital marketing team for Southwestern Illinois College, converting skeptics into believers with measurable financial results. Her background in journalism and integrated marketing, as well as a healthy obsession with everything digital, helped with those conversions. Understanding the audience, ongoing research, metrics and passion are key.

With the knowledge acquired over the last seven years constantly venturing deeper into digital territory, Laurie now teaches two classes in the spring at SWIC: Social Media Tools and SEO & Web Analytics.

Realizing there are differences in digital marketing results for a large college vs. a small business, Laurie recently created a website and Facebook page for her longstanding freelance marketing services. The website thebottledgenie.com is an experiment in SEO. It will provide more knowledge to share and geek out over with her students, co-workers, freelance clients and anyone else who seems remotely interested.

My Sessions

Panel Session – How Not to Be Obsolete: Everyday Social & Digital Strategies for Everyday Businesses

Centro Room

Description: Eight seconds. That’s all you have to capture the attention of the average American. So says Microsoft Corp. How can you manage with so many others, including big corporations with big budgets, clamoring for your customers’ attention? Like it or not, digital marketing has become vital to business success. Word of mouth no longer […]

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