Kevin DePew

Executive Producer of Streaming Video at Silverback Video

About Kevin

Silverback Video is a full service Video Production Company specializing in Live Streaming Video for events and presentations. We have streamed hundreds of hours of live video locally and around the world. From Live Chess Championship games engaging over a million viewers to the local Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year Awards, Silverback Video are cutting edge Streaming Experts.

My Sessions

Panel Session – In the Mainstream: How Livestreaming Video is now a Broadcast Standard

Coegi Room

Description: Although livestreaming options were available prior to 2015, Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube Live have certainly brought more attention to this medium as a broadcast standard. Since 2016, livestreaming has been widely used by mainstream channels and outlets, even spawning a wealth of livestreaming mobile applications. This panel will focus on how livestreaming has […]

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