John Patten

Client Partner at Facebook

About John

JP has been a client partner at FB for almost 8 years, six of which have been spent working in CPG on the Nestle business.
His responsibility at FB is to develop learning agendas for the Nestle US OPCOs under the Nestle Global Joint Business Plan including here in St Louis with Purina that will drive learnings on what makes brand campaigns successful on FB.
Prior to joining Facebook, John has 20 years of experience representing major branded media (National Geographic, North American Media Group, and Ad Age) building multi-media programs – print, digital, and broadcast – for national advertisers.

My Sessions

Keynote: What Does it Take to Engage a Millennial?


Description: Younger Mllennials and Gen Z expect totally difference experiences from brands, companies and others. They wish to be a part of the conversation and not be simply told what to buy and why. They are connected with each other in ways that allow sharing of information not possible just a few short years ago. […]