Joe Duffin

Creative Director at Spry Digital

About Joe

Joe is a seasoned marketing executive with 20+ years experience in providing digital strategy and integrated marketing solutions for regional, national and international brands in a wide variety of verticals.

In his current role as Creative Director at Spry Digital, Joe is directly involved in all things strategy and oversees all aspects of owned, earned and paid media for agency clients.

Since building his first professional website in 1996, Joe has operated in the digital space in both agency and corporate environments, spanning creative, marketing, strategy and development. He has had the opportunity to be not only an active participant in the the ever-changing digital world, but a pioneer in multi-channel/platform marketing.

Joe’s diverse experience gives him the unique ability to understand where and when to reach multiple target audiences at various points in the conversion cycle. Applying this holistic approach to content and marketing, he has developed many successful B2B and B2C multi-channel strategies and integrated marketing solutions.

My Sessions

Panel Session – Layers of Content: The Nuances and Evolution of Today’s Content Marketing Universe

Stirista Room

Description: A diverse group of content marketing experts will address, discuss and take questions about the evolution of today’s content marketing spectrum and how successful brands and organizations are evolving as technology fundamentally alters the information landscape.

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