Jennifer Phillips

Market Strategy Director, Marketing Cloud at Salesforce

About Jen

As one of my favorite fellow SCRM cohorts has been known to intone after many a conference call: You can’t automate your way out of bad process!

I enjoy the challenge of understanding the business need while implementing and refining solutions that deliver something great to the customer, the employee, the executive, and the organization as a whole. My mission: solutions by design must deliver actionable metrics and support strategic priorities! My goal: Help my clients maximize results in a way that adds value to the customer/constituent.

My Sessions

Keynote: The Future of Marketing Technologies and Automation


Description: Marketing Automation is the future of marketing. What is it? And, what does the future hold? New systems are emerging with predictive capabilities taking advantage of the vast amounts of data being gathered at every consumer click, view and download. There are now almost 2,000 different marketing technologies out there – thanks to the […]

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