Douglas Davis

Creative Strategist, Author and Professor at New York City College of Technology

About Douglas

One day I stumbled into a strategy meeting and realized that becoming the “creative” who understood business would differentiate me. Since that day in 97′, this has helped me to inject creativity into solving business problems vs restricting creativity to the execution.

In 2011, I founded The Davis Group LLC and continue to offer strategic solutions to client branding, digital and design problems. This fusion of business, creative and marketing experience is the foundation for my contribution to winning and growing an account. As a result, I’m uniquely positioned to add value to an account, pitch or project. I enjoy being one of the variety of voices needed both in front of and behind the concept, marketing plan or digital strategy.

Here’s why we should talk:

· My brand identity development experience as a designer strengthens
my recommendations on brand strategy.

· My positioning as a digital creative with digital marketing training makes
me relevant in more project areas.

· My experience teaching art direction has been an outlet for refining my
verbal communication and team building.

· My creativity aids when developing recommendations on acquisition
or retention strategy and execution.

My Sessions

Think How They Think (To do what we do)

Coegi Room

Description: The pressure, lack of time and chaotic process we create in often defines what’s possible. As a result, most times, we settle for good enough rather than great. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Even in our deadline oriented, give-it-to-me-yesterday grind, it’s possible to find inspiration. All you need is a little […]

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