David Kidd

Director of Digital Marketing at SteadyRain

About David

As the Director of Digital Marketing at SteadyRain I lead the strategic direction of the Digital Marketing department in delivering cross channel digital marketing strategies with a special focus on search engine marketing (SEO and PPC), content marketing and social media for SteadyRain’s growing list of clients. SteadyRain works with B2B and B2C focused organizations in manufacturing, retali, finance and healthcare.

My Sessions

Panel Session – Marketing ROI in the Digital Age

North Highland Room

Description: In this session you will learn about the tools that can be used to measure the return of your marketing and social media investments, the best practices for attributing conversions back to your spend, and how to meaningfully align metrics that measure the success of your business.

All Company Sizes All Levels Beginner/Intermediate Level Digital Marketing & Communications