Ajay Gupta

CEO at Stirista

About Ajay

Ajay Started Stirista with a simple idea — giving companies marketing resources they need to drive online traffic to their websites. Expanded from one employee in a basement to three continents in five years. Today, our flagship B2B email product kindles almost every all data compilers and list brokers’ email campaigns. From data enhancement to data verification to email deployment and licensing, we offer the one-stop shop for modeling and acquisition campaigns.
In the digital space, every major digital ad network utilizes Stirista’s data either directly or via one of our resellers. We helped over a dozen Fortune 500 companies, over fifty agencies, and hundreds of small businesses.

My Sessions

Dr. Linkage or How we came to know your brand affinities so well?

Visual IQ Room

Description: A behind-the-scene look at what data companies know about you and how they occasionally nail your propensity to buy a product with remarkable accuracy. With a simple one-line code installed on a free app, marketers can track your every move. And that’s just one of the ways we are gathering insights about you in […]

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